Buone Feste!

Buone Feste to everyone, whatever your beliefs or cultural context!   

I was brought up with the traditional Christmas story and I really like this humorous update.  For those who can't imagine Joseph and Mary on Facebook, or the Three Kings on Ryan Air, just click below!


  1. Hello Kathleen - this is terrific and fun; thank you.
    HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you and your family. It's been good to meet you out here in the blogosphere this year. Katherine Mansfield - The Storyteller is one of the books I hope to find under the tree this morning. (I presume you've read Harvey McQueen's many appreciate installments re; your book? If not, do visit his blog for a rush of extra Christmas treats!).
    Take care, Claire

  2. It was fun.

    Hope Xmas in Italy is a bit warmer than you've been experiencing recently!

    Merry Christmas!

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