Even on a cold May-day bank holiday the beauty of the Lake District is hard to beat. Spring is arriving here slowly and painfully, blossom by blossom. The oyster catchers have arrived up river to breed, and their distinctive shrieks mean that winter really is over now. They sit on the stone walls in their black and white evening suits, wielding vicious orange beaks, daring anyone to mess with them!
Loweswater is one of the smallest and least known of the lakes. That means it’s quiet and unspoilt and an absolute delight for lovers of solitude. Not quite at its best in cloud, but beautiful in any weather. The blackthorn is just coming into bloom - the star-shaped white petals are really vivid on the bare black stems. Some of them were furred by lichen.

There are also some wonderful trees around the lake - gnarled by age and shaped by the violent weather.


  1. K
    Loweswater - in its stern beauty and dark depths always seems to me like a good place for a murder. Fictional, of course...

  2. what a beautiful place!
    I've never made it to the Lake District. I can see I am going to have to aim in that direction next time I am in the UK.

  3. I agree Wendy and so do a lot of other people I think. There are, apparently, quite a number of undiscovered bodies in the lake - every now and then one turns up!
    It is beautiful Al, and I think you'd love it! There will always be a welcome for you and your family here in the north.


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